Friday, July 3, 2009

Do the Celtics Need 'Sheed Now that Robert Swift is Here?

The Boston Celtics are already losing ground as the offseason has been filled with big trades and free agent signings. The Celtics so far have drafted Lester Hudson and have made no other additions. Yeah, we'll hopefully have a healthy KG this season but in today's NBA that just is not enough. The Lakers essentially traded Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest (who "hoodalized" ESPN on Thursday) and all they had to pay Artest was the full mid level exception for three years. Where were the Celts on this one? Artest is only 29, knocked down almost 40% of his 3's and is a crazy lockdown defender on the perimeter. The Lakers will probably still be able to find a way to offer Odom and you have to like their chances to repeat. 

Meanwhile here in Boston the Globe is reporting that we can't even find a way to re-sign Marbury. Sure he was pretty ineffective last season but I wonder how he would fit in after an entire training camp and preseason. I think as far as backup PG's go you could do far worse. Maybe the Celtics now turn their attention to someone like Brevin Knight to run the show for the 2nd unit or possibly take their chances with Eddie House (Gabe Pruitt/Lester Hudson) and wait it out until the trade deadline. Knight's numbers have dropped off significantly over the last three seasons, but he might still be a steady enough ball handler for the 2nd unit. While the Celtics don't have much talent on the roster after their starting lineup they do have some contracts that could possibly be moved such as Scalabrine and Tony Allen both of which are in the final year of their contracts. 

The Celtics apparently have gone all in hoping to land Rasheed Wallace and his amazing pre-game dance to compete with Shaq, LeBron and Danny Green in Cleveland.. The offer is reportedly for two years. I had some reservations about bringing in Wallace namely that he will be 35 when the season gets underway and usually in free agency teams try to separate themselves by adding years to the contract, which would kill the Celtics as they try to balance now and the future. A two year deal is perfect limiting the risk of bringing in an aging and combustible player. 

Wallace would be a gigantic upgrade off the bench allowing the Celtics to have a legitimate backup Center/Power forward for the bench considering he's about 5 inches taller than Big Baby. It's scary to think that a talented big man like Wallace only shot 41% from the field last season, however he consistently drained 35% from 3-point range. He also adds much-needed size and Wallace still rebounds (7.4 rebounds/game) and blocks shots (1.3 blocks/game). He also takes care of the ball averaging less than 1 turnover/game. Wallace's outside shooting would give the Celtics some options at the end of games even more so than when the great James Posey was here. In certain situations it would allow the Celtics to go with 'Sheed instead of Perk to space the floor for Rondo and Pierce to get to the hoop. According to reports Wallace wants to be patient and see what other teams are offering. Unfortunately that's not a good sign for the Celtics considering the team sent Ainge, Doc, Wyc along with Pierce, Allen and his good friend KG to try and get the deal done. Wallace will weigh options from Charlotte, Orlando, Cleveland and San Antonio.

If the Celtics can't land 'Sheed I really hope they don't panic, overpay a mediocre player who won't be a huge impact this season and will in the end crush our salary cap moving forward. Sadly that seems to be what's left on the market right now. Talk of giving the full mid level to guys like Anthony Parker, Marquis Daniels and Matt Barnes is nauseating and if free agency doesn't work out well then I guess we can always pray Robert Swift, Mike Sweetney and Nick Fazekas torch the summer league right?

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